Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tiny Robots... EVERYWHERE!

I've been thinking about my animation project a lot recently and I've come up with the idea of two robots who are docking workers sorting out packages to be taken on spaceships. I'm thinking the two robots will be very different in size. The smaller one will look like Gir from Invader Zim, where as the taller will be more like the robot from the film Iron Giant.

I started making the smaller of the robots just to work with the bones tool again in 3DSM. So far it's been okay although I haven't tried any animation with it yet. This is a just my first attempt so it's still very basic.

The reason why I chose robots (apart from the obvious that they're kickin' rad) is because this will mean I won't have to do any voice acting which can be very time consuming. Instead I can synthesize there own language to drive the plot. This will also mean people will understand it no matter what language they speak, which I took under consideration as I've recently been watching a lot of Spanish animation.