Monday, 5 May 2008

Flash Completed Where's The Marching Band?

My identities flash animation is now complete and I'm over joyed. Now all I have to do is pull off some work from my blog and write it up into an essay and it's sorted. Looks like I'm going to make it down to Cornwall for Flora Day after all.


I decided that the most reilvant tutorials for flash are probably on the VLP. Although trying to access them is proving annoying.

I don't have a clue what "Your account is on hold" means but I know it's pushing me one step closer to killing someone.

If Flash Were A Person, I'd Kick Him In The Nuts

So because I'm leaving to go home on Wednesday morning I have to have my Identities project finished by Tuesday afternoon. I have completed all the 3D work needed and written the blurb for each of my 5 objects inside the box. I have even imported all the frames into flash.

This leaves me with only having to write the essay, and figure out how the hell to use flash. I've been going over some tutorials but the only ones I can find and either simple things like how to make a box move across the screen and save it. Or how to do rediculously hard animations which aren't important to my project.

I'm going to keep trying to find relivant tutorials and I'll go to the surgery tomorrow afternoon. But the way things look now I'm not hopefull that my trip home will happen.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Major Set Back

As I was rendering one of the last of my objects for my identities work my computer overheated and turned its self off. When I restarted my computer and tried to load the file which all my work is contained in I got an error message saying that 3D Studio Max could not load that file. After a few restarts the file still won't open. This leads me to believe that the work is lost.

Although this is a major set back for my work I still have all my UVW maps, some print screens of my work and a few videos that I managed to render before I lost it all.

I was planning on getting into the flash process today and having the project completed for Monday. But this looks like it won't happen.

If I don't get this work completed by Tuesday then it looks like I'm going to have to cancel my trip home which I've been looking forward to for months now.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Identities Project 2

I just thought I'd post my progress on my work. I'm keeping with my original idea of an ammo crate, but I decided to make my own crate in 3D instead of frapsing a crate from in game because then i can show the crate opening with my objects inside.

Here are a few of my objects that will be in my box:

Boarding pass
Image Hosted by

Guitar Hero Guitar
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

When you click on one of the objects inside the ammo crate it will load a description of why it is in there and how it relates to my identity. Also it will load a video clip of the 3d object slowly spinning around. This video will loop so that it looks as if the object is just continually spinning.

Video clips here:

Boarding Pass
Guitar Hero