Monday, 28 January 2008


We were asked in tutorial to post a picture that we've taken ourselfs and which screams colour and light. I decided to use a picture that i'd already taken. This is a picture of one of the times I went fishing at home in Cornwall. I was concerned at first about using this picture because the only rich vibrent colour in it is blue. But I think it still works well considering that our task was "Colour and Light" and not Colours and light.

Sunday, 27 January 2008


I thought it would be a good idea to post some videos on my blog that have inspired me to make a machinema.

The Grind - Halloween Special

Illegal Danish - Super Snacks

Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

A Screeching Hault

As part of the Identities modual we were asked to join an online community which had it's own virtual world. My first thought was to make a machinema film about online communites using the game World of Warcraft.

Things were going well when I managed to knock out around two pages of dialog. Things came to a sudden hault last wednesday though. Blizzard, the companie behind World of Warcraft (WoW), released a patch for the game. Something in that patch must have corrupted some files somewhere because now I can no longer log into my account and play the game.

I left multiple posts on the Tech Support Forum they have set up but nothing has worked so far. I feel I might have to abandon using WoW for my machinema and try something else.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Interactive Narative The Flash Process

I'd never used any version of Flash before so I didn't expected the process of making my interactive narrative to be an easy task. I started quite well finding placing my frames in the template provided with out any major kind of problem.

I was not able to complete my project though as I had quite a lot of trouble with organising the buttons for how to start the game and proceed though it. I'm sure I'm just facing small obstacles that can be sorted out easily during a surgery session. So I aim to have it finished and online quite soon.

Here's a few snippets from what I got so far:

The First Frame

The Second Frame

Game Lost Frame

Interactive Narative

My idea for an interactive narrative is a type of play along music game in which the player needs to pick the correct segment of music that needs to go next. I decided to use the song The Devil Went Down To Georgia as a music video by Primus inspired me.

I thought the song was very catchy and would appeal to a wide audience therefore more people would want to play my game. Also the song has a clear narrative throughout.

You play the role of Johnny, who is a young fiddle player who accepts a challenge set by the devil. If the devil wins then he gets your soul and you have to reset the game. But if you win then you win a fiddle made of gold.

I decided to call my game "Let's Go To Hell" because it I think that name makes it funnier than something like "You're Going To Hell" which sounds more like a statement, whereas my version makes it sound like going to hell is a good idea sort of like "Let's Go Get Ice Cream" or "Let's Go To Disney Land". In truth I stol.... borrowed this idea from a film I like called Let's Go To Prison