Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Interactive Narative

My idea for an interactive narrative is a type of play along music game in which the player needs to pick the correct segment of music that needs to go next. I decided to use the song The Devil Went Down To Georgia as a music video by Primus inspired me.

I thought the song was very catchy and would appeal to a wide audience therefore more people would want to play my game. Also the song has a clear narrative throughout.

You play the role of Johnny, who is a young fiddle player who accepts a challenge set by the devil. If the devil wins then he gets your soul and you have to reset the game. But if you win then you win a fiddle made of gold.

I decided to call my game "Let's Go To Hell" because it I think that name makes it funnier than something like "You're Going To Hell" which sounds more like a statement, whereas my version makes it sound like going to hell is a good idea sort of like "Let's Go Get Ice Cream" or "Let's Go To Disney Land". In truth I stol.... borrowed this idea from a film I like called Let's Go To Prison

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