Monday, 28 January 2008


We were asked in tutorial to post a picture that we've taken ourselfs and which screams colour and light. I decided to use a picture that i'd already taken. This is a picture of one of the times I went fishing at home in Cornwall. I was concerned at first about using this picture because the only rich vibrent colour in it is blue. But I think it still works well considering that our task was "Colour and Light" and not Colours and light.


AngelBless said...

I think the blue of the sea really helps emphasise the paler colour of the sky and the colour of the rocks, so it looks more vibrant. Awesome choice of pic :D

Erebus-Styx said...

The reflection on the water and the shadow behind the sea wall clearly indicate there is a strong sense of light coming from the right. the way the light falls across the surface of the water brings out many shades of blue from a flinty blue to a more vivid cobalt.