Saturday, 2 February 2008

"Se"XBOX - My Thoughts on Fox News Journalism

After watching this segment from Fox News, about a new computer game called Mass Effect, I felt I had to respond to how poorly the news is delivered to the public. First of all the person on the against side has no background experience in the effects that computer games or any other media types have on people. The soul reason for her being there is to plug her new book.

Secondly the supposidly neutral journalist sides on the against team almost instantly. During the intro of the segment she talks about the game "In some parts of the game it features full digital nudity" which is not the case at all as there are no graphical scenes in the game.

Cooper Lawrence, who has also not played the game, starts her argument saying that this game has damaging effects on the development of adolecent males because it protrays women as objects and because you're in controll of the character it means that they feel they would be in controll over women in real life. Geoff Keighley rebuttles by stating you can play either a male or female character in the game. Also he goes on to say that the featured "sex" scene in the game lasts for two miniutes, where as the whole game lasts somewhere around thirty hours long, meaning that that one scene is very insignificant. This doesn't stop the missinformed ignorant journalist and aparent pshycological specialist from talking about the game as if it is based on that miniture part of it.
Cooper brings up some research from a university in the United States and quotes them saying "boy that play video games can not tell the diffrence between what they're seeing in the real world and a video game if they don't have the real experience". Unless that came from the University of "I'm going to talk shit and pretend it's fact" (from which Cooper probably graduated with a first) I'd have to say that she was lying or was just terribly missinformed. There is no proof at all that shows a violent video game caused someone who played it to do something violent in real life.

Even if there was a case where one unstable person choose to do something violent due to playing a violent video game then that would be one case out of the hundreds of millions of people that have played a violent game.

At the end of the segment they go to a panel of 4 people each has no experience in the effects of video games on people, let alone experience of games at all. The journalist keeps repeating that it's games like Mass Effect that make parenting even harder than it already is. This in my opinion has no relivence as the game has been cencored "M" for maturity which means no one under the age of fifteen is legally allowed to buy or play that game.

I'd rather let my hypothetical children play a violent game with partial nudity than let them watch Fox News.

By the way this isn't just a one off from the fox news team:

Spring Break Serial Killer - A segment on a serial killer at large in Florida. The picture in picture frame are clips of people on spring break which is pretty much just people drinking alchohol and women in bikinis. It has nothing to do with the story at all.

9/11 Tribute Show: Lube Wresteling - This segment is from Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's 9/11th Tribute show. Almost half of this segment has lube wresteling full screen, not really in keeping with a tribute to thousands of people who died in that tragidy.

If you want more extreme right wing, stupidity journalism I recommend you check out this extreme left wing fanatic's youtube page

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