Thursday, 21 February 2008

My Avatar Progress

Last tuesday my super buddy Will gave me a tutorial of how to make a Master Cheif helmet in 3DS Max. I was pretty happy with this as I was worried that my 3DS Max skills wern't as developed as they should be.

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(The brown helmet is mine and the green on is Wills.)

I've been thinking about my avatar over the last few weeks and what he should look like:

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After some thinking I decied to incorperate the helmet I made into my avatar. Obviously I wanted to change it from the helmet Will helped me made because he spent so long working on it I didn't want to just rip him off and take credit.
Avatar so far:
Image Hosted by

As you can see it's really only the jaw that i copied from the original, and I plan to do some more work on that to make it more original.

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