Monday, 11 February 2008


I thought i'd post some pictures and talk about my progress even more in Seal Online.

There isn't alot of customization that you can do to your chacter, beyond hair and gender, but that doesn't really bother me. I was kind of bothered that which ever gender you pick and customize you still kind of look like a girl in game, that coupled with not being able to jump in the game gave me this awful flashback to a Guild Wars free trial weekend I once took. If it wasn't for SealO's music, which reminded me of the many wonderful sleepless nights I had playing Monkey Ball, I probably would have done the same to SealO as I did to Guild Wars and uninstalled it before you could say uncle buck.

So off I went into the world of Seal to vanquish my cuddely foes with my UBER X-TREME GREEN HAIRED... himaphrodite warrior. There are many skills that you can learn like fishing and sleeping. Fishing allows you to catch fish which you can eat to regenerate your health and sleeping regenerates your health also much much more slowly.

I found myself not really using the sleep skill much as almost ever creature drops an item called newbie eggs which also regenerate your health.

After leveling up abit I found that I had enough money to buy the first newbie teir for the warrior.

At first I thought i'd been conned, it looks like i've just finised a shift in an ice cream truck. Supprisingly enough though it's completly overpowered. Rabits that used to hit me for around 30-40 damage now hit me for 1 or not at all. Considering that I have just over 1000 health thats quite alot of rabits i can kill before i'm dangerously low on health.

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