Monday, 11 February 2008

The Century of Self

We were told to watch a documentry called The Century of Self and write an analysis of it. I was quite sad to see that the video was an hour long. Not because I have little patience, but because streaming videos with my student accomadation internet connection takes forever. I tried to load the 6 parts of the video during the daytime. This took almost 3 hours to do and only the first 2 of 6 parts loaded properly. As a result i've had to wait untill internet activity is at a minimum so that the videos will stream and play instantly.

Sadly due to the typical night life of a student it would be i'd be awake untill at least 3am before enough people went to sleep and stopped refreshing there facebook homepage.

From what I picked up The Centry of Self is about how propaganda/public relations was and still is used to controll the masses and there violent basic instincts.

I need sleep, this will be continued tomorow between my first lecture and tutorial.

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