Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wall-E A Pixar Feature Film

In the future mankind will have left Earth for greener pastures. Leaving behind one robot to clean up after them. Jonny 5... I mean Wall-E is that robot.
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After 700 years of solitude Wall-E he develops a personality and finds the world around him fascinating. Then one day a spaceship lands and changes Wall-Es life forever.

He falls in love with Eve, A more high-tech robot from a diffrent planet. Eve strangely resembles a Sentry Gun from Portal... but has the ablity to fly.
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Wall-E then follows Eve back to her home and discovers many facinating things on his adventure.

Although very little has been released about Wall-E the films hype seems to be mounting even though the film is 3 months away from it's world release. Because Wall-E and the other main characters, Eve and M-O, are robots they don't talk. Which means the story is driven along by the characters movements, which are very slapstick.

The first released footage of Wall-E was done during the Super Bowls' half-time commercial advertisments inwhich Woody and Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story, talk about him as they themselfs are sat watching the Super Bowl. Advertising since then has grown slowly as the release of the film gets closer with life size cardboard cut-outs of Wall-E popping up over Cinemas worldwide.

I'm really looking forward to this film as it looks like pixar are tring new 3D developements out such as smoke and dust clouds. Also it reminds me of a more upbeat version of A short film my brother made called Sad Robot.


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