Thursday, 10 April 2008

It's been along time...

I just started to check out my blog and other MM students blogs again and i'm disapointed with myself with my lack of postings recently.

I had a great easter break, even though I was working for most of the time, and now i'm ready to really crack down and get on with my work. From talking to Will and checking his blog I can really see how far along he's come with his 3D work and I aim to follow in his footsteps and improve my 3D skills dramically aswell by using online tutorials.

A massive blow has happend to my machinima project (see here and here) when I found out that my halls have blocked mosting gaming ports. This means I can't develop the characters I want to star in my machinima, search for suitable locations to shoot and most importantly with not being able to log into a game when making machinima, I can't film any of it. So for now it looks like this project is going to be held back untill the summer holidays or even untill next term. I'm going to use this time to develop the script, make story boards and do research into my favorite machinimas. Such as how they record the voice actors and foly sounds.

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