Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Allocating Time

Well I'm quite a way through my essay and I'm confident on being to a good standard by the time i send it into the dropbox. I'm just annoyed at myself for once again leaving my work to what feels like the last minute. Ideally thinking about it now I would have had Jools look through a draft as I'm not very confident with my writing skills, but I suppose that's just a bit more knowledge I'll have for the next reflective critique on practitioner based networking and the critical practise my development should emulate to parallel my career with that of an influence.

I'm really looking forward to this Easter holiday that's coming up. I see it as the opportunity I need to focus on my work. This may seem like an odd thing to say considering it's my "holiday break" but here's the circumstances that are shaping this break to be the most productive thing to happen to me since redbull and foosh mixers.

Because I live in the far off land, where the oggies grow on trees, also known as Cornwall, I have to find my own way home rather than most people who have there parents pick them up. This means I'm required to travel for nine hours across two trains and a coach, which limits the amount of stuff I can bring back. I'm only going to be able to take my laptop and a rucksack full of dirty clothes back with me.

My laptop it's self is just capable of running UTEd2k4 and 3DSM (although I wouldn't trust it to render my work). This means that I will be forced to spend my time being productive with these two programs rather than spending my time off dicking about on my very fast, very sexeh PC.
4gig of RAM
GeForce 280GTX
3.16ghz processor

Overall I'm looking forward to being productive. Here's a check list I hope to finish by the time I get back to Nottingham, or as I like to call it THE DISTRACTION FACTORY!

Finish 3D character's and Rigging for animation
Finish 3D sets for animation
Story board for animation
UT2k4ED tutorials on lifts, portals, weapon placement, etc... completed
UT2k4map completed
UT2k4map textures to be near completion
Visualisation project started with mock sketches
Gamer Society Tournament organised
Gamer Society Source server up and running
Gamer Society Steam community refresher
Gamer Society event for Clifton members
Mock up for new blog layout, including images ready for use.

That's quite a list, and I'm sure I'll have more to add to it once I give it a good thinking over.

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