Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Trousers Hindering My Progress!

Just switched out of trousers into PJ bottoms and I've been flying through my work. I remember a conversation I had with Will about the benefit of working in new media, "we get to sit at home in our jammies, with a nice cup of tea and a duvet just coding html and css..."

I'm feeling so cocky about my progress since getting into my PJs that i've taken a break from my essay to write this. Doctors have the right idea, they just wear scrubs which a basically PJs and they're wicked sick at saving peoples lives.

We should all take notice of how productive the world is when comfortable. As a society we're evolved past trousers. Sure we needed them back in the days before decent heating in building and occasional bear attacks. I propose a remodeling of our society to exclude the need for trousers and bring the era of PJs.

Although that might be a society of Jack Wills and A&F douche bags running around in there baggy jammies, white framed bug sun glasses, iPod nanos and flip flops talking about how far back up there heads they make there quiffs as they rush to nandos to mack on the hunniez.

I guess no society will ever be perfect :(

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®ob.. said...

haha i like ur thinking here! i would say its true considering in sitting here in my duvet!