Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Freshers Week Lessons

As you might assume lessons during the freshers week weren't too taxing, but they were still fun. It was a really good opportunity to get to know some people on my course and see more of what it had to offer. In my first lecture we made a white board animation (see below). At first i thought my group was getting ahead of itself with the introduction of so many abstract things that we needed to animate. But now I know that it was a really good thing that i was grouped with them because it just made our animation interesting. From now on I'm going to be much more open to random suggestions and ideas during group work as they can turn out to be really good.

My groups contribution is the first one to be shown.

My second lecture was about pin hole cameras. We made our own cameras out of beer cans, card and tape.

My first and second attempts at getting a picture failed. But I was lucky enough to get one on my third try:

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