Tuesday, 23 October 2007

What I Want Out of My Course

Being the youngest of three children, and the last to go to university I feel that there is a bar that has been set for me. Considering that both my brother and sister graduated with firsts this bar is set considerably high and I hope to reach it by the end of my time at NTU.

I really want to achieve, and use these years I have at university to the fullest. At the moment I'm hoping to improve my skills with a broad range of software packages and finally go into a career in Web Design.

Web Design for me seems to have perfect blend of design and technical aspects. Also I like the idea of something I create being interactive.

As I said I really want to achieve and improve my skills on my course, but I also came to university to enjoy myself as well. I just hope that I manage to find the perfect balance between the two early on as I feel the time I had at college was wasted due to
lack of self improvement to my skills and general loss of enthusiasm in my course.

I'm determined to not let this happen again now that I'm at university. Thankfully after meeting just a few of my lecturers I don't feel lack of enthusiasm will be an issue for me.

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