Thursday, 22 November 2007

One Shot Film OVERLOAD

Filming of the second One Shot Film is set for today. We will be filming in a computer room as our "set" needs to look like a telecom company. Hopefully because of the simple camera shot the shooting wont take long which is lucky considering I was only able to borrow a camera for the day meaning that the only available time to shoot is in the 90minute gap between when my seminar ends and I have to return the camera.

The only problems that I foresee are issues with the script and leaning of the lines, although this shouldn't be too bad as we can easily have a script up on the computer screen.

Also another problem will be being able to create and convincing atmosphere. Obviously we were planning to shoot much later in the day when our location would be emptier and therefore easier to control background sound and people moving into our shot.

Over all I'm looking forward todays shoot and I think it will go well. I'm also looking forward to making a film that isn't set on campus or in student accomadation. ^^

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