Monday, 19 November 2007

One Shot Film

Last Wednesday we shot our first one shot film. The script was written by Will. Filmed in a film noir style we kept the lighting very dark. This created the mood of the film. Also it helped disguise our location from looking like a typical student accommodation to a small flat.

Although I think the filming went well and we got good experience with using proper lighting I still have some concerns, mainly due to the restraint of having to film in student accommodation and the fact the filming was hand held. Although I'm sure the end result will look good I'm not convinced that it will be enough to get the grades I'm aiming for.

As a contingency plan I have written a short script myself. Heavily influenced from a scene from "The Office" (see clip below) It will be a conversation between an annoying IT specialist and a telecom worker. There will not be any need to move the camera during filming. In doing this my group will be able to focus more on the quality of the lighting, framing, mis-en-scene and acting.

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