Monday, 5 November 2007

Synopsis of Ray DiZazzo’s “Corporate Media Production”

I chose this book purely on the cover and the fact that I was quite impressed by how many Z’s the author had in his name. Thankfully after reading just the first page I was pleased to see that the book offered more than just a hi-larious name on the cover.

The book is easy to read and seems to cover audio visual media from preproduction to distribution of the product. DiZazzo’s writing style is also very casual and personal with many rhetorical questions and comical use of punctuation. This gives the book a more convocation like tone which helps the reader pay attention and remember what they’ve read.

Example: “No generation loss, no dirty lists, no confusion, no problem! It’s digital!”

“But how about the content of corporate media programs? Has it evolved as well? Absolutely.”

Terminology is well explained and either in quotation marks or bold which helps break down the more complex sentences.

The content has a great layout making it easy to find any topic that the book may cover. From the main roles of a director and producer to script terminology to budgeting.

This book is the AV Bible and I strongly recommend it to both novice and professional film makers.

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