Saturday, 20 December 2008

Visualisation Project Complete!

Here's how my visualisation project turned out.

Music: Get Your Guns by Nine Black Alps

Visualisation Board Game Project from Jay Jackson-Hicks on Vimeo.

Overall I'm happy of the out come. I'd of prefered to have a few more fast cuts and diffrent camera angles. But my editing/filming skills kind of drew a blank. I'm not going to post the video of my Animation project because I'm not very proud of it. I should have organised myself better so I could of spent more time on that part of the project. This is something I'm going to try harder on next term.

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(((J))) said...

Hey dude. Thanks for your comments on my project. Everything just came together quite nicely at the end, but of course there are lots of things I will try to work on too. Your Visualisation project looks sweet. I love the transparency effect. Where did you get the idea of the game?
Those videos of Matt going around the world are hilarious! :) Thanks for sharing.
Have a great holiday. J